Yippee! You won’t believe who has given us her writing and blogging story. It’s Blessing Iyamadiken who is one of the best writers I’ve met, a spoken word artist and an event compere! Yikes, she does all that and more? Well, so can you. Don’t stop believing in yourself!

Remember how we told you we would be sharing inspirational stories! Well this is one great one to inspire you.

By the way, Blessing who happens to be quite the popular lady from the University of Lagos also left her contact, you may just want to get to know her and learn from her.

Next set of words are Blessing’s. Enjoy!

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My Journey Through Writing

My name is Blessing Iyamadiken, Creative and Content Writer, Blogger, and Associate Editor, The Bug Magazine, and I have been asked to take you on a journey through my writing and blogging experience.

Writing for me started in secondary school, junior secondary school to be precise. It was the year 2004, and I had just gotten into secondary school at the age of 8. My first assignment was to write an article on “A rainy day” in not less than 450 words, it was an assignment given to the whole school by the proprietress, Mrs Oyewunmi. Apparently, the rains that September had infuriated her so much.

I remember how I felt the day the assignment was given. It was like I had been given a task that was insurmountable. I mean this was “SSCE standard” question. How did this woman, our proprietress expect me to wrap my head around it.

I took the assignment home and asked my mother if she could help out with it, actually by asking her to help, I had meant that she should write it, but my mother sensing that I was just being lazy, refused. Instead, she explained the concept of what “a rainy day” meant (This is one of those special things done for me by my mother which I would always remember), and then I wrote the article.

I submitted like every other student in the school and after about two weeks, the results were announced, three winners from the Junior category and three winners from the Senior category. The proprietress had called out the winners from the senior category, before she moved to the junior category winners.

Starting with the 3rd position, she announced the names, by the time she was getting to my name, I had lost all hope that I was going to be called, and that was when I heard my name. I couldn’t believe my ears, I had won the first prize, bested my classmates and all other junior classes.

Other competitions arose and I kept winning, before long, I was invited to become a member of the Literary and Debating Society by the proprietress herself because I could not only write but I could also argue motions, soon, I started representing my school in competitions.

I changed schools though when it was time to move to senior class and somehow, I stopped writing. I gained admission into the university in 2011 and still I wasn’t writing. Then one day in 2014, I woke up to the news of the kidnap of the “Chibok girls”.

Over 200 girls kidnapped from their school in the cover of darkness in far away Borno state. I was infuriated, and I needed to speak out. I wrote an article, sent it to a national daily, The Punch Newspaper, and it was published. I was surprised because it was the first time I was writing anything in years. Somehow, I kept sending in articles, mostly about societal issues that infuriated me and they kept getting published.

Soon after, I started getting contacted by people to write for them. I remember how much I charged for the first article I wrote for someone, it was five thousand naira and this was in 2015. I was also contracted by Dynamix magazine to write for them, after much negotiations, we reached a fee I was comfortable with.

I left there soon though for another campus magazine, The Bug magazine, which I joined as just a contributor and rose through the ranks to become Associate Editor, a position I hold till today.

Sometime in 2015, June 30 to be precise, I decided to start a blog (I have my best friend Ella Eze Amaka) to thank for that. I had always wanted to own a blog, but I needed to build the right brand for myself and when I finally decided what I wanted to blog about, I started.

My blog has grown, and from it I have gotten opportunities to be at places I wouldn’t even dare to dream of going to on a normal day, and also meet people.

My blog which is mainly for issues relating to women and children has four contributors. Elohor, Elsie, Sharon (based in Nigeria) and Victoria Howell (based in the United States). I also get opinion articles from different people both in the country and outside.

Writing for me has gone from being just a talent to a business. Right now, I am a Writer and Opinion Feature Executive at Cityscope.ng, I am also Associate Editor at The Bug Magazine, and a blogger at theblessingiyama.com The Connect.

I have attended a couple of writing classes and I can say that I am good at any kind of “content writing”. If you are looking for someone to write articles, work your profile, or just simply develop content for any platform, I am the one for you and I can be reached via mail eiyamadiken@gmail.com


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