Hello readers of my amazing blog! I got another inspiring story for you. Mabel Olagesin is a child hood friend who got fascinated with makeup. I got her to tell her story and this is it.

She will also be giving you step by step tips on how to make yourself look more beautiful so watch out for her write-ups. Its tagged MUA 101.


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My name is Olagesin Mabel; I am a 2015 graduate of the Department of Mathematics, University of Lagos. My love for makeup started when I was really young, since I had access to my mother’s makeup purse. I wasn’t really allowed to use makeup so much until I finished secondary school; and it was then I got the chance to do all sorts with my face every day. I almost always had makeup up, just trying different things with my face.

Then I went on to the university, and in my second year, in my hostel, there was this girl that stayed opposite my room, and I noticed how her brows always looked so nice. I was so fascinated with her makeup, and for me that loved makeup already, I was just so drawn. The way makeup enhances one’s beauty, the way it brings out the better you so to speak, the way makeup gives you that confidence is just… (No words to describe it really)

Moving on, apparently she was a makeup artist, so I watched her do makeup for some of her room mates and friends. Then, we went on strike, and that was when I started watching YouTube videos of how to do all those things that used to make me stare at her. I was also training with a fashion designer during the strike, and makeup wasn’t really allowed, because if you had makeup on and you have a white fabric or something close, and you just mistakenly swipe your face and put the hand on the fabric, you can’t go and start dry cleaning the cloth and all that. So I made use of my Saturdays, Sundays and well, other days I didn’t go for training, to apply what I had learnt on YouTube. Fast forward to when the strike was over; my brows were never as it used to be! Lol! I even went on to drawing brows for my room mates, we would laugh at it when I get it wrong, but for me it was just a learning process. I did a couple of faces for my departmental dinner back then.

In my third year, I got very confident drawing my brows, well, doing makeup in general. I practiced on my friend’s face any time she had an outing. In my final year, I got more daring, because I was about to leave, and I wanted to do something after school before participating in the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC. And I thought that since makeup is something I love doing, I should take a step further, learn professionally, and start making money from it. I was discouraged by some, who said that “everybody is doing makeup now, every girl is either a tailor or a makeup artist”, and I just said to myself that, I just have to carve a niche for myself. Whatever it is that anyone ventures into, there are definitely 1001 other people that are doing it. The one thing that has always been a struggle for me is tying the gele. Chai! I tried a couple of times after watching YouTube videos, I just never got a hang of it.

picture 1
This picture shows something I did for one of my roommate’s friend back in school

After my final exams and project defense in October 2015, I gallivanted for about a month, lol! And it was a question of how do I put my time to good use. Everybody I knew was looking for office jobs. I wanted an office job too though. I already told a few of my friends that I was going to take makeup artistry seriously and start my business from there. So, I started making enquiries, and the first call I made scared me and pushed me to go further at the same time. I asked for tuition fee, and the lady told me it was well over #300,000. I was really surprised at first, because this makeup artist will definitely be making a lot of money from doing what she loves, for her to be taking that amount of money for training. And I thought of it as a push to really take it serious.

picture 2

I eventually got somewhere lesser than that, EDANMAKEUP. She is a really sweet person; I cannot even begin to tell how she has been such a huge push. She was trained by BIMPE ONAKOYA, and her first job was on AGBANI DAREGO. She has done quite a number of editorials, and you wouldn’t even know how far she has come when you see her (well I guess you never really know lol). She’s like a time bomb. I have been with her for a while now; I only go to the studio on Saturdays, because I work Mondays- Fridays. So my training period is more lengthy than usual. I was one of the makeup artists at the Grange School Fashion Show a few months back. I also do home service makeup for wedding guests, well pretty much any kind of event really.

So, that’s the journey so far! I haven’t gotten there yet, I’m still on my way! Hoping for the best! Greater things to come by His grace. See ya!

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