Hi, welcome to the first episode of MUA 101. I am going to confess from the beginning; this is my first time writing for a blog, so please bear with me if I make some faux pas here and there. Let me also apologize for some of my pictures, I’m currently dealing with a reaction, hence the pimples on my face. I needed to take step by step pictures for this episode. I am a makeup artist in training, and I will be sharing a few tips to help improve your makeup game.

Today we would be looking at the very interesting part of every woman’s face! That one part that we pay more attention to; even though we often get it wrong! That one part of our faces that can get people giggling if not done properly!!!! THE BROWS!!!!!!

Yes, the brows! Now, as interesting as this part of our face may be, it could be a disaster. I will be giving a few tips on what to and not to do with your brows.
Here we go;

The Golden Rule;

Please keep neat, well trimmed brows. PLEASE DO NOT use a shaving stick to trim your brows!!NEVER!! I am saying this, because I did that once, I took a shaving stick and even carefully started shaving the brow by the edge, then it felt like the hair wasn’t coming off as I wanted it to, so I went further and started shaving the hair until everything came off on both sides of my face, and I had to go out for weeks without brows. If your brows are naturally on fleek, I envy you already! You can either make use of a new blade, tweezers or thread. If you cannot trim your brows yourself, please get someone competent to do it for you, so you don’t end up taking everything out. The good thing about properly trimmed brows is that you don’t have to overdraw the brow(s), you also don’t have to ‘pack’ concealer on your face while defining the brows. Just a little and it’s fine.

For beginners, you can start with the #50 Davis eyebrow pencil, as long as you draw it well, it will still be on fleek. What you really should do is patiently draw your brows the way it’s been trimmed. PLEASE note that you need not ‘put muscle” in using the pencil, else it would come out too thick, and it will stand alone on your face, which shouldn’t be so. Your brows are supposed to stand out looking beautiful not as though it was drawn with a marker. Now, there’s a misconception about how your brows should look; with the arc and all, hence, the ‘over-struggle’ to put ‘by-force arc’. Your brows do not necessarily need the arc, once your brows are not in that way, please don’t force it, else you look like you have an eagle on your forehead. Also, your brows do not need to meet at the bridge of your nose! Give some space. The picture below shows the proper length of your brows.


Concealing –

Conceal beneath and above the brow you have carefully drawn. You don’t need to put a lot of concealer, because you might have issues blending the concealer out. Another thing is using the right shade of concealer for your brows. We are advised to use concealer lighter than our skin color, NOT too light, NOT darker and NOT the same shade. Try not to use a concealer too far away from your skin color, because it will probably be too ‘white’ on your skin and you might not get the desired result.


I cannot over emphasize this issue. We need to blend that concealer! Leaving it there is in no way some sort of fashion, it just makes your brows look tacky. Well blended “anything” looks lovely. If you blend with your brush or beauty blender and it’s still not well blended, it is okay to use your fingers. Our fingers can be very useful when it comes to blending.

mabel 2.png

It is also advised to blend the concealer in an outward manner. That way, the brush gets the concealer out of the brow area properly.

mabel 3.png

This will pass for our everyday brow (Again, please forgive me and my pimples)

mabel 4

And if you are the type that loves big brows! The picture above will suffice. Different strokes for different folks.


Most times, after drawing the brows, concealing, and blending, some of us still feel the need to make our brows look a certain way just at the beginning of the brow, and we do this by drawing a line to form a box. No!!! Plixx!!! No!!! Gently stroke that part with your mascara wand to give a natural look. Your drawn in brows should look as natural as possible.

Selfie –

Now, you can take a selfie and be proud of your beautifully drawn brows.


I hope you enjoyed reading this write up and I hope I have been able to bring something new to your makeup routine. Thank you for your time! Thank you for reading till the end! Woohoo!!! Till we meet again on episode 2 of MUA 101 with MABEL. See ya!


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