Hello readers! I was finally able to get my lovely sister, Kemi Bonuola to talk about what she loves doing (rolling eyes). This is what she had to say. I hope this encourages you to do what you love.

You know how the cat chases after the rat with doggedness and purpose? That is the same way Abiola Bonuola has hounded me for a write-up on why I like what I do!



At least I think that’s the reason behind what I am about to reveal to readers of Beautiful Thoughtz.

I am an attorney at law this means that I read a lot of big fat books and browse through several case laws at least two times in a working week. Yes, that is on the average. My life has been all about books, small prints in big legal books and large prints in novels and storybooks.

My earliest book memories are Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree, Famous Five series and Secret Seven. Just writing this is sending sweet nostalgia through my veins. Okay, back to the real question. What do I do? I am a legal practitioner. Don’t be confused it’s the same thing as being an attorney at law. I practice in Lagos, Nigeria and I have somehow come to embrace family law practice though I am a general counsel. Why do I love law? I really don’t. There. I said it. No, wait. I do like law but love is a bit of a stretch of my feelings about law.

Why do I like law? I like law because I get to help people understand things they would otherwise not understand. I also get a thrill and some level of satisfaction and fulfillment when I see a happy client.

How did I become a lawyer since I don’t like it that much one may ask? Well, my dad made me study it. I remember filling my JAMB form and searching earnestly for any other course that I could study other than law. Mass communication was my own personal choice because I enjoyed listening to the radio so much and I would imagine myself talking on radio and having so many fans. Well. That didn’t work out. My dad chose law and I had to do what he said. I got into the Obafemi Awolowo University one day before matriculation in 2001 and with that started my journey into the world of legal methods, philosophy, sociology and English. I was miserable for the first two years, I enjoyed philosophy but I really didn’t like law. I just didn’t feel I had what it took to be a lawyer. Looking back now I think it was my self-esteem. Anyway, after my 200 level exams I was so miserable that I told God that if I failed any course I would change to English Department but that if I passed I would continue and become a lawyer and I also prayed for confidence. I have been a lawyer for 8 years so I guess the rest is history. I think the best part of being a lawyer is the trust reposed in you by people. They believe you can get them out of the problem and you don’t ever want to disappoint. One way or the other helping people is what I have always wanted to do so law really does give me the avenue to accomplish that.

I am also a children’s writer and I love it. Absolutely love it. Why do I love it? I love writing but I enjoy writing for children more. I think it’s because I never grew up. I enjoy my cartoons now just as much as I used to as a child. There’s something easy and happy about children literature and writing for children is an amazing experience. I haven’t published anything yet sadly. I bumped into writing for children when I started babysitting for my first sister’s children, when I was growing up mum used to regale me with a lot of stories and I noticed that my sister’s children calmed down and stayed mesmerized when a story was told. I told them all the stories mummy told me and when I had exhausted them I just started making up stories!

I write poetry. Although I must say I am quite the lazy poet. I write simply (probably because I write for children). What do I love about poetry? Oh! So many things it’s the way poetry makes me tingle, shiver, and luxuriate in the brilliancy of words carefully and carelessly thrown together. It’s the reckless abandon of racy lines, it’s the complex construction of rhymes and rhythm and words. Breathe…I love poetry.


I can’t remember how I bumped into poetry I think it just happened. When you are a writer you simply write. I read monthly at Loudthotz open reading poetry club, loudthotzpoetry.blogspot.com.ng   You can check out my poems on YouTube at Loudthotz IPC and Facebook by following Loudthotz.

I have tried my hands at drama as well and it is equally satisfying.

I love hair. When I was a child my hair was shoulder length. I remember looking in the mirror and trying to swing it the way they do in movies. As an 80’s child I watched Indian movies a lot so imagine my fascination with her. Silky, jet black hair. Sigh. Anyway, I went natural in 2012 and I have since been trying to learn how to make hair, still on it. Why do I love hair? It’s simply beautiful.

See Kemi’s hair
Okay, what else do I do and love?


Oh yes. Caregiving. This is one thing that comes so naturally to me that I have since concluded it is a calling. I just swing naturally in giving care to people. No questions asked. And the joy and fulfillment I derive from it cannot be explained. It’s peace. I volunteer for a couple of NGO’s to satisfy that need but I have since been agitated to start my own NGO. Soon.

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I currently write a reader’s review blog on thereadersreviewblog.wordpress.com as part of my desire to stoke the fire of the reading culture. I have learnt so much from reading books and I want other people to benefit from it.

I had started a blog in 2010 back when I used to find writing about my daily observations satisfying but I stopped after a few posts. Then October last year I had just finished reading Taiye Selasi’s Ghana Must Go and I started thinking that having a blog where I review the books I read would actually be fun. Since I love books and I love talking about them once I finish reading them it was easy to start the blog. I am still very excited about it so it must be a good thing right?

In between my day job of advocating for people, reading and writing I have been able to find a balance between what pays the bills, what I love and what benefits others around me. For me the sky is the limit!