Hi everyone, welcome to the second episode of MUA 101 with Mabel. I’m here with some tips to help improve your makeup game, and this time, it’s about your LIPS!! Please continue reading, and I hope you find something useful.


  • Before applying your lipstick, it is best to coat your lips with foundation first. What this does is enhance the color that you are about to lay on. Apply foundation or concealer with a beauty blender preferably.

cotton wool.png

  • X marks the spot: with your lip liner, draw the letter X on the cupid bow.

lips 1.png

  • Lining your lips; for people with big lips (like mine), it is best to line your lips as is shown in the picture. This makes your lips appear smaller. For ladies with smaller lips, it’s okay to line your lips the way it is formed. After lining your lips, please blend out the harsh lines caused by the pencil.

lips 2.png

  • Apply lipstick on your lips with a brush if you are sharing lipstick.

brush.jpglips 3

  • To achieve a matte look, you can layer the lipstick with white powder (dusting powder, normal white powder, they will both do the trick). The powder sucks the gloss, and makes the lipstick matte.
  • If in the process of applying the lipstick, you somehow messed with your X, you can go back in with the brush shown, dip it in your concealer (which of course, shouldn’t be too light), and reshape your lips.

brush 2.pnglips 4.png

  • Please remember to blend out the concealer always

lips 5.png

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