Who is Mobolaji Atolagbe to me? He is a brother, err, not brother. Cousin? Not really a cousin. Friend? Ok, not just a friend. Mentor? Maybe, no, more than that. He is something to me and every one else. Yeah, he is that kind of person and he agreed to share his #ResonateArt story with us today.

Do you find yourself always leading a team?

Do you want to lead a team?

How has leading been like for you?

Please leave your comments below and let me know if this has helped you.


I am Mobolaji Atolagbe, close friends and family call me Beejay. I am human, Tech Enthusiast, Content Developer, Agriculture Advocate, I can go on and on.

To start with, I describe myself as a multi- potentialite (Emile Wapnick coined the term and explains it as someone that is skilled across a board spectrum such that s/he cannot be placed in a particular field, either as a scientist or an artist).

That said, I will dwell on just ONE of the numerous things I love doing and I am currently growing in, LEADERSHIP.

I found out I have always loved to be part of a team that makes things happen. In the process of being part of the team, I find myself leading them at some level. When this trait started, I cannot consciously recall but I will tell you my unique story.

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Here goes:

My quiet demeanor did not lead me to many exploits in Primary School, I won awards related to academics and neatness, acted in a remarkable drama and was a boys scout. End of story.

Secondary School was quite different. I had great classmates and was elected class captain (means class president in America) which taught me the basic art of leadership (Being the class captain of K.C Boys was an audacious task that could make some adults shiver) The clamor for me to be class captain surprised me but I put in my best and it eventually paid off.

The ivory tower of Obafemi Awolowo University was the turf that brought out the most of my leadership attributes. I was the assistant Class Representative for the Agric. Economics Department for 4 years running, was Assistant General Secretary for the Faculty Students Association, Gen Sec. for Agrophiliacs for 3 years running, President of the Departmental Students Association for a session and a Faculty parliamentarian for two sessions.

I learned the use of various channels to achieve set goals, like an artist knowing ways to express thoughts through various forms of art. Proper time management was the paint brush and colors that allowed me know how to set goals and achieve them with limited available resources. High Emotional Quotient was the clay I molded to know the best way to relate with humans according to different situations & how to place the right people in the proper positions to get the best results. My journey as a leader and artist is far from over.

I believe there is a great deal to learn about proper leadership, most especially in this clime where it is not given adequate attention. We should all strive to be better leaders at positions we find ourselves.

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I am currently leading a team of twelve at my current position and things are improving on a daily basis.

Other things I do:

Storyteller, Agriculturist, Value creator, Poet, Brand Manager, Entrepreneur & I have a huge interest in History.

I also firmly believe in the future of Africa and unlocking the hidden potential in its people.

You can reach me via mail, atolagbemobolaji@gmail.com

Thanks for reading.


  1. nice piece! we all need to learn what it takes and how to be good leaders! especially the fact that to be good leaders mean to be good followers….because that is the starter!

    • I totally agree Folorunso, it starts when we are followers and observe certain characteristics that we want to imbibe or change should we get the chance to.

      Most people think they are or cannot be leaders but I ask them these questions: How will they lead their families when they become parents? What skills will they have properly honed by then? Will they just start scrambling when the game of parenting starts? Most times they plan to wing it but that is the challenge, lack of proper preparation.

      Great followers usually make amazing leaders.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Nicely penned. Following is as much an important task as leading, because when you are leading you will need your followership experience to guide you on certain decisions. Thanks for sharing Bolaji.

    • Thanks for reading Nancee, I think the decision to follow or lead properly is one all of us must imbibe. No matter where we find ourselves, we’ll most times be both leaders and followers concurrently. Being good at both makes it better at achieving tasks set before us. it is a growth process.

    • Thanks for reading Chineze. We have master a skill and it takes humility to learn properly. Building great leaders for the future is pertinent and a must for this generation.

  3. Yes! Haven known you gives me the challenge to think, because you are not that kind of boss” leader but #a great follower and am a huge fan of you listening ability and slow to anger potential. Thanks Great Guy

    • From the first day I met you, it has always been a delight speaking with you. Thanks for the kind words Chilizie. We are growing to be better versions of our former selves.

  4. One guy you will meet and want to meet again…..Nice1 Beejay
    Leadership has failed our society (Nigeria, Africa and the world at large) resulting to the cultural/traditional decadence of value and respect
    Parents failed in parenting (families).
    Politically we are doomed.
    Religiously we are (being) scammed and brainwashed. The religious houses producing believers with few or no “THINKERS” (whatever they say we shout AMEN)
    All is really not well because the heads (leaders has failed).
    We need good followers as to be better leaders in the nearest tomorrow.

    • I totally agree with you bro, a society without strong leadership tends to implode in slow irreversible phases. I presume we live in a pretty decadent situation but to say we live without hope is to almost say we can survive without air.

      This generation can be taught slowly on the real purpose and essence of being a leader in the family, the community and eventually the society. It is great to have good followers of outstanding leaders but this model will collapse if the instructor is incapable. No matter how smart a student is, all efforts collapse before the eventual revolution can begin.

      I can only live on optimism avenue and long for a kiss from Lady Hope. We can only work towards it and hope for factors that will aid our cause.

    • Thanks Becky. We will all get to the place prepared for us individually and collectively. Keep at it yourself, do not be deterred by challenges. Cheers dear.

  5. Super nice! Always looking out for the best in everyone you come in contact with; a true example of a leader. Shine on!

    • Thanks ‘Lara, we can only pursue the quest of being better versions of our former selves and I try to see how I can assist in the unique process. When people around you get better, you tend to improve also.

      Let’s get to the pinnacle together.

      I look forward to when your articles have thousands of views. It will happen sooner than you think…

  6. Beejay nice piece,thanks 4 that one dear.. i think i need to incorporate the act of leadership in my head i swear, Always trying to avoid it since i was little

    • Thanks Tomisin.

      Do not flee from the things that you are meant to do. There is a reason you have been pushed, seduced, thrown or lured into leadership. The purpose will make sense only in the future.

      You might think you do not have the experience, instead of turning to run, make up your mind to begin and fail forward.

      We learn best by doing.