Hello, welcome again, to another episode of MUA 101. Today I’ll be sharing top 5 makeup hacks with you all. Some of which you might have heard about, and some will probably leave your mouth open for a while. So, here we go!

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  1. THE SMOKEY EYE: Basically, the smokey eye look is a dark eye makeup look. It could be black, blue, purple, any dark color, not necessarily all black as is commonly assumed. Now the trick is this, for a smokey look, we don’t want to use our usual white or gold colored primer. To help boost the dark color, gently layer your lids with dark pencil. Layering your lids with a black pencil makes the black you are coating next pop more. Please DO NOT drag the pencil on your lids, it will wear the skin off and make you look tired.

This picture shows Maybelline Colossal Kajal, and it is a very lovely product, you don’t need to apply too much force to get the right amount on your lids.

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2. SETTING POWDER: I am quite certain that some of us have seen Instagram videos where ladies highlight and contour, after which they set their face with either Ben Nye setting powder or Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder. Here’s the twist, if you can’t afford any of the above as they are quite expensive, our dear Johnson’s Baby Powder works just as well!

After highlighting and contouring, set it with Johnson’s Baby Powder. If you can’t get this Baby Powder, you can also use a powder of a lighter shade of your facial skin to set your highlight.

3. MILK OF MAGNESIA: Face Primers are usually used to help your makeup last long, especially for ladies on their big day but they can be very expensive, and they don’t usually come in large tubes or containers.

So, in this case, Dr. Phillips Milk of Magnesia works just fine, it is not as expensive as any of the good primers, and because of its thick nature, you can add water to it to soften it a bit, even after you have used half the bottle, the disadvantage being that frequent use ruins your skin. So, it is okay to use it once in a while for long hot outings.


Blotting paper can also help when you are not wearing primer. It sucks the sweat and retains the makeup on your face.

4. AFTER SHAVE BALM: I don’t know how these makeup artists started this research work but, it has been proven that Nivea After Shave Balm works very well as a primer. It doesn’t have white stains as does milk of magnesia, it blends with your skin, makes your makeup last longer, and has no side effects (according to makeup-scientists).

5. BODY CREAM: Getting unready, we ladies often wear our skin out while taking our makeup off. Scrubbing your face with face wipes when you have layers of concealer, foundation and powder on your face will make your skin tired, and wiping it gently probably won’t get all the makeup off, especially the eye area, with the eye shadow, kajal and all that on it.

Here comes the solution, put a little bit of your body cream or coconut oil on the face wipe you’re about to use, and gently swipe your face. It works like magic! No matter how solid the eye makeup is, it will just slide off your face with this method. This method doesn’t make your skin slack or saggy.

I hope I have been able to enlighten you with these tips today. Have a wonderful weekend! See ya later.


These are make up hacks for African or dark skinned ladies so please tell us, have you tried these hacks before? Has it worked for you? What products do you use?

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