When I was little, I did ask just like the little girl in the song “Que Sera, Sera”, what I would be and my mother reminded me that I could be what I wanted. Think positive. My sermon today is about what you really think.

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If you know you have talent so powerful, as Jay Livingston’s and Ray Evans’, please do not hesitate to do what you love.
If your heart vibrates with music that can build a castle as Ludwig van Beethoven’s, please share it with the world.

Here is a poem to strike that fire in you

I am Art

You are human

But I am art

You were born in love

I was born as art

My life is the craft

My inner being is art

I transliterate heaven and it content

From scribbled words to clear paintings

I live with the profession

I work with artistry

I know art

I embrace only credibility

I teach imagination and character

Better than Picasso’s Three Musicians

You teach knowledge and science

It doesn’t matter

I am Queen Art

I speak like the Monalisa

You can surely see

Leonardo is the beat

To my dance

You have no chance

I declare Art

Like the Titan

Of Thunder

Ignoring Hera

On my path

Art is me

And I?

I am ordained

as Art.

Abiola Bonuola January 2016

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Have you been told several times that you can’t do what you love?

Do you get remarks like, “just stick to your job” because times are hard and you probably won’t get another?

Do you usually think of that great art you do as an hobby and you’re interested in taking it to the next level?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and I’ll definitely get to read and reply them.

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