Help is everywhere! I had just attended a very soul uplifting “Poets at the Beach” party hosted by the Independent Poet’s Concerns at one of the private beaches at Ajah in Lagos, Nigeria, some poets and I were on our way back to the Lagos mainland in a bus.

The weather was really hot and I remember adjusting the AC vents two or three times to get more cold air on my skin though I sat in the middle row by the window of the long bus.

One of the poets sat beside me and he made small talk.

“Hello, What’s your name? What do you do? What kind of writing do you do?” Then he asked a question that I was a little vague about. I don’t know why I was vague about it.

Anyway, i thought of it later, it’s probably a question many writers think of on a regular basis. He may not know this but he made an influence which is why I’m writing about his question.

How do writers get jobs or opportunities?


Help is everywhere! (This title is not in reference to what Jessica Eson King had to say on TEDx Talk)

Writers get jobs through so many means.

Since I began telling friends and family that I wish to write, opportunities keep flooding in especially when you look out for them.

These are ways to get opportunities as a writer;

  • Online Websites

The advent of the internet has made life so easy for many writers. Now you have to have links to one or more websites to get a job or you can subscribe to posts from these websites and you get online writing jobs directly to your email.

You can also google “writing opportunities” and you’d be surprised how many online authentic writing jobs they are out there.


My favorite website so far is because it delivers writing opportunities mostly on a daily basis directly to my email.

All you have to do is apply for these online jobs

  • Acquaintances

Friends are naturally helpers except you’re not with the right kind of friends even those ones still help one way or another.

The unique thing about friends is they know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else who may just need your services. If not you can grow a huge network of acquaintances whom you can call at any time for one thing or the other and will willingly assist you.

These acquaintances could range from the Security Officer at a big corporation, a shoe maker on your street to the CEO of aSmall and Medium Scale Entreprise.



  • The older ones

There is something so magical about help from someone older than you are. Maybe it’s an African thing but I really doubt it.

This help can move “mountains” sometimes when you have a good record of grades, behavior, attitude, smartness and so on. It’s based on the natural relationship of the “older ones” who also have acquaintances.

The “older one” can make your life easier by introducing you and your curriculum vitae to their acquaintances, especially when they believe in you.

So I am going to stop here. I have a special wedding to attend today. Wedding fun…

You can share some of the ways you get writing jobs at the comment section and I’ll will reply and/or elaborate on them later.

Thank you for reading.

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