Hello everyone, Remember I promised to write on the support system? Well, if you can not recall, see where I made this promise here. When I began writing this post. I felt it could be divided into two different parts but I realized we can find both the support system and connectors in the same kind of people we have around us so I decided to give this post the title, The Connectors as a reference to that point.

Merriam Webster’s online dictionary tells me a support system is a group of people who give someone help, money or encouragement.

I must say, I agree with them especially as Beautiful Thoughtz is a kind of support system and connector.

I saw a lot of content both from Malcolm Gladwell’s book and Maribeth Kuzmeski book’s online description so I didn’t feel the need to do as much research as I would.

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A connector as Gladwell and Kuzmeski calls them are a special kind of people. They make friends and acquaintances pretty fast. People just seem to know them and vice versa. They are like human links. Sometimes we may not have these connectors as support systems but we may know someone who does.

These connectors and support systems are friends, family, acquaintances, people we meet on the street, in a bus, at a restaurant and so on. They are there for us. In Nigeria, we call such people “family” because they seem to be that too. A support system or connector may be a part of your inner circle or they may be a nice driver in a cab. They are the people who listen to your thoughts about important subjects that bother you.

They count.

Kuzmeski tells us that we do not necessarily have to have connectors, we can be the connectors.

What are these connectors about?

  • They have impacts on others
  • They care
  • They ask the right questions.
  • They put relationship-building to work daily
  • These people meet and know everyone

We can also be the support system and then we can try out Gladwell’s test on connectors. It would be total fun!

We can be the connector and support system we seek and you’d see how the cliché,

What goes around, comes around

works. After all Justin Timberlake sang about it. (Although he meant something completely different)

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Please leave a comment if you resonate with this post and if you do not, I’d like to know why.


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