A friend shared Damilola Ogunsanya’s contact details with me. After looking through her work, I loved it so much, I decided to share her aptitude with you. This is her #ResonateArt story… She says her mum was an event photographer back in the 1970s.

dami 2.jpg

I am an Alumni of Obafemi Awolowo University. I love life, I love who I am and what I have become; a professional photographer.

My hobbies are singing, taking pictures and travelling.

My interest in photography began with my mum who was an event photographer back in the 1970s. I was influenced by her and I got inspired and grew confident as she went about doing what she loved.

I dedicated my time especially after school each day, paying close attention to what she did.

dami new 2.jpg
Here I was younger, practicing

I was nervous when I was about to take my first picture but it was something I had always wanted to do so the nervousness dissipated.

I got my first camera from my mum (She is my first role model),when I was about to forge ahead as a brand called Dameyplux Photography.

dami new 1.jpg

When I had my digital single lens reflex, DLSR cameras, I went ahead learning more about Photoshop to enhance my images.

I attend mostly workshops, seminars and conferences for photographers.

dami new 6.jpg
That’s my second role model, TY Bello at LTV8, Ikeja, Lagos

Other role models are is Chellah Tukuta Rancen( documentary photographer) from Zambia, Kelechi-Amadi Obi (model photographer) and Photonimi ( wedding photographer).

To be candid, I enjoy every moment of shooting. I love photography because it makes me see how beautiful the world is without anyone else noticing it through my camera. I don’t get strange looks as a female photographer and to some extent female photographers are preferred based on our insight and femininity as a result, we get more beautiful and magical effects on the images we take.

Photography has no limit because it’s very vast and with technology; software and so on, there are more possibilities for photography especially now.

dami 15.jpg

I often get customers and I work with a studio. I have been into photography for six years. I have also used my works for competitions and so on and my memories of satisfied clients is my most fulfilling feature of the job.

I offer a variety of services which include event photography; weddings, birthdays, food photography, documentary/landscape, sport, pregnancy photography. I also have private photography classes and workshops and offer private photography consultancy.

Keep believing in yourself and stand out through your images by putting extra effort.

dami new 7.jpg

I will always be a photographer if my eyes would forever be young.

You can reach damilola via email; damey247@gmail.com or call +2340766727818. She’s also on Instagram: dameypluxog_images

Are you into photography as well?

Are you interested in it?

What’s your story?



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