Huh! Content is a distraction. A few days ago I asked myself, “why did I stop reading?” I was almost annoyed at myself because I usually got excited about reading. What was wrong?


I mean I had so many stories that would naturally keep me happy after I read them of course, but I just could not read them.

Even when I was less busy I couldn’t read.

Finally I came to the conclusion that it’s probably because I have too many things to read.


Everyday I open my email and I see ten to twenty different messages both important and promotional ones and I’m like “huh! This thing is a distraction abeg (please in Nigerian Pidgin Language) delete, delete, delete”.

I get bugged with content every five minutes! On my social media platforms, through text messages, on the street, it’s just too much information at once.

I also noticed I had developed the habit of just reading two sentences and shutting the thing down.

Its time to live.

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In my journey to live, these are my tips to filtering content and choosing what is right for you as a writer…

  • Get a Life

This I am telling myself. Seriously, I just realized I don’t have one. Of course, I have friends and family and all but to have a life, you need to move around physically, meet people, exchange contacts, share jokes, laugh, plan things together, go on random dates (especially when you’re not married), have basic fun. Your experiences everyday sometimes is enough content.

  • Get the balance

Life is a circle, the world is a circle, the internet is a circle (shhh, who said that?) and you’re a circle whether you accept that or not. Yes! You were born, you have grown older, you would definitely pass on one way or the other.  You can get your content through this balance of having fun and working hard. You may read a little and experience a little to get the content.

  • Choose what you read

You don’t need to take in everything that’s sent to you online and offline. You can take only specific items of interest which you’re sure would be of benefit to you. For example, you can decide to read a short beautiful story rather than a long researched paper about a phenomenon. I did that.emoji

  • Its okay to stop

If you’re still not interested in reading the managed content you’ve put together, no one will berate you for that. You may just need to leave everything and go on a vacation where you would find no content at all, if that’s possible.

The important thing is to seek balance which i am trying to do right now.

Do you get too loaded with content?

How do you manage your content?

I even went offline for a while because of this content overload thing.

Let me know your experiences by leaving your comments below…



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  1. Like are you in my head?
    This post literally describes how I feel, too much reading and little to no doing.. I don’t even have a social life.
    I am learning to filter and digest content at my own pace now.. No rush