I wrote this post today because I wanted to talk about giveaways.

I was so transfixed on Chimamanda Adichie’s Half Of A Yellow Sun which I hope to do a review on at The Reader’s Review Blog that a thought jumped at me at 3 am this morning.

This thought was on humanity. I remember she talked about it in her speech during the United Nation’s World Humanitarian day.

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Reading the book, I wondered what humanity really is. Is it remotely possible to have humanity these days?

I can’t say i have much of mine anymore.

People living in Nigeria are basically hungry and its harder to make ends meet. The times we’re in could be likened to the time before war, robbing us of our humanity.

Or have we robbed ourselves of it already?

Anyway, remember I told you we would be having announcements this month?

If you can’t remember, find the first announcement here

This however is the second announcement. Well…

Clears throat…

We would be giving out special giveaways to celebrate the month of giving and sharing and humanity which is December.

To qualify for this give away, you need to be following this blog.

How to get this giveaway and winners would be announced in December. So you may need to keep reading, liking and making comments on our posts so we can pay attention to you.

Also, to build goals in January, there would be inspirational quotes to follow, to be better at what we love so much.

So get ready everyone, look forward to special celebrations on Beautiful Thoughtz and remember to always #ResonateArt


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