Hello ladies, Have you seen Mabel’s new name? It’s Lagesh Artistry. Well, while I am excited about her work, you can read up on her latest tricks for makeup. She charges us to get that glow.

Mabel Olagesin says:

I’m here again, with a pretty amazing episode of MUA 101. See, most makeup products are very very expensive, and we always want to get that expensive look.

Recently, well it’s been around for a minute, there’s been a glow-up craze, everybody wants to have makeup on and get that glow but, the problem is, glow-kits and bronzers are not exactly cheap.

So, here is where I come in!!! You can make yours!!! Here are five steps to make your own bronzer and get that glow!!!!

  1. All you’ll need is Methylated Spirit, hair pin, empty container (to mix), eyeshadow(in my case, I’m using eyeshadow palletes that i have had from way back) and an empty powder case.

DIY bronzer.jpg

2. Now, you need to select the eyeshadow colors you want to use. For this tutorial, I’ll be mixing darker shades. I have selected colors from the bottom right of the leopard skin pallete, the shimmery gold from the other pallete, and a little bit of silver from the leopard skin pallete as well. I extracted the colors using the hair pin.

DIY bronzer 1.jpg

For a lighter person, you might want to use lighter colors.

3. Next step is to add the methylated spirit to the mix. Mix to a fine consistency, and pour it into the empty powder case.

DIY bronzer 2.jpg

4. Gently spread the paste to fill the powder case.


5. This is not the smoothest spread, but I’m sure you can do better. So, this is the end product, this is your bronzer!!!

6. Don’t have a fan brush for application? No need to panic. All you need is your powder brush and one or two hair pins (these hair pins really do come in handy).

DIY bronzer 4.jpg

DIY bronzer 6.jpg

You can easily apply the bronzer on your cheek bones and everywhere else you wish to glow up. I hope you had fun reading this as much as I had fun writing it. I am also counting on you to try this out and I would love to get your feedbacks.

See you next time!


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