Today Ezekiel Onitiju, the owner of IseOwo is contributing to the #ResonateArt campaign. He had contributed previously here.

I hope you resonate with what he has to say about adding value through your art despite the recession in the country.

Ezekiel Onitiju says;

Some of the questions asked when thinking about starting a business are;

  • What gap exactly am I filling?
  • Who are the people I’m trying to reach out to?
  • Who are the people already trying to fill the gap?
  • What can I add more to, to ensure I add value and still be sustained against all odds?

A lot of businesses are out there but people don’t understand the place of branding. Your brand is not just about the idea you are trying to sell, but how you reinforce the identity of your brand into the minds of people. These includes the name of your brand, the products and the value you are adding.

I have had different business ideas but I always look forward to words that people can relate with everyday even when they are talking to others or alone trying to find solution to something and then the name of the brand will not be farfetched.

ISE OWO might sound tribal to some people, but my thought is, the name of brands you know are also attached to something and yet people still buy into their products and services, for example, companies like Nike, Puma, just to mention a few.

Apart from the primary questions, another part which can be referred to as secondary is capital. I know people put this as a primary challenge to startup a company but there are different means of putting resources together when starting a business. Some of the ways to get started include partnership or crowd-funding, which are one of the trending means to start now.


I am part of a branding and business consulting company and every member has something to contribute in cash and other resources but we focus more on our areas of strength. One partner is operational, one is creative and one is technologically inclined. The truth is that, we share common vision and also know we all have similar traits but there are areas everyone has developed much more than the rest of the partners. The fact that one is creative does not mean others are not, but they just have to allow someone focus more on that and share the rest of the job among remaining partners.


Well, it has been reported that there is recession, still, everyone buys and sells something. That means I have something in my heart and hand that other people are ready to pay for just to survive in the economic recession. As much as people are wailing about economic meltdown, there has been over 500 wedding engagement across the country. Some burial, convocation, anniversary ceremonies in different churches. In the midst of all these, people are selling food, clothing, shoes, art, renting cars, event venues, travelled to different locations, and so on which means money is still in circulation.

Who says you cannot start your business; make money while you are adding value, get appreciation from your customers and still get a job?

I took a decision to start managing the social media platform of the youth arm of the Church where I worship and did it voluntarily without any form of obligation so that people who are not in church will be updated on what is happening and when they come back, they would start off with what was needed. While I was doing this, I decided to improve on it and before I knew it, I had worked in different organizations by virtue of the experience I put myself through at church and with the help of family and friends who encouraged me, I am a better person.

A life that adds value does not die.

I love writing or developing content to add value whether it brings money or not. I manage fan pages that I’m paid for and I enjoy it. I also love to help people build ideas into brands.

It’s important to add value to the society, that way you add value to yourself.


Are you a Nigerian creative youth? What is the struggle like? How have you managed it through the economic recession?

Let’s share our experiences here and learn from them.

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