What are your prayers for tomorrow? As though she saw how I felt, my amazing elder sister, Sister Abiodun shared her views on praying about life one quiet night. She shares with me constantly, different views about life but that night was special. I am not one to express or show how I really feel about a matter, so those around me can hardly tell. She is not just a diligent lover of God, being around her makes me have hope for tomorrow. She makes me feel that things can be better. I won’t forget her lessons in a hurry.

Do you have a person like that around you?

Everyone prays for something consciously or unconsciously to a significant order. Some pray for guidance, others success in their endeavors, some fulfillment and so on but I usually have that feeling that I don’t know where I would find myself the next day so sometimes, I say thank You or pray for strength to go through it and learn from it.

There are days when I fall completely silent and I look up to another member of my support system smiling down at me with a questioning look in her eyes saying “what is the matter?”

There may not really be anything wrong but then, my silence makes her worry which is a sign that I need to lighten up a little.

Disappointment is not a course I would take this year. So I declare that I am not disappointed but strengthened to keep working hard to share with the Nigerian soul my thoughts on art and encourage the soul to do what it loves in art through my campaign #ResonateArt.

I have written this long epistle because my dear followers did not apply to win a giveaway so I couldn’t announce a winner when there wasn’t even a competition. I have no choice but to keep it to myself or give someone in need of it. It is possible my followers were not really aware of the giveaway, despite the social media campaign.

Fortunately, we have moved to our own site which means we would have the opportunity to focus on marketing ourselves better.


Meanwhile, these are my prayers for tomorrow as I have concluded that the best gift I can give myself is the knowledge that I know nothing, see nothing and I’m nothing without The Lord and He sends help when my need is greatest.

  • Guidance
  • Education
  • Development
  • Strength
  • Encouragement



Do you pray?

Do you pray consciously or unconsciously?

Please share your views on praying for tomorrow with us

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What do you really think?

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Have a lovely week everyone.