Hi lovelies, today i’m talking about Rele’s ‘Young Contemporaries 2017’ exhibition which by the way is officially closed, these are my impressions of the works displayed. I’m not a visual art expert so I’m not going to say it’s the best mixed media or photograph or acrylic, so expect anything.

I know it’s been a while. It’s as a result of my busy schedule at work and school so sharing art with you has really been tough but I am committed to this struggle. So here we go;

A) Artists 


Moving through the gallery on the launch day, I stopped at Dimeji’s work and suddenly he said, hello. I wasn’t expecting a willing reaction from the artist. Sometimes, I prefer to walk through galleries very quietly, viewing all the works and contemplating on them. Dimeji whom I perceive is very full of spirit explained his work in details.

Other than telling a story, what I got from his work is spirituality. He talked about perception and I saw reality.



I walked up to Marcellina’s work and she explained what she did with love and it featured a baby.

She explained the impressions a mother gets from her baby when they relate and I saw creativity.


Rewa to me was as elegant as her work. I felt a sense of aestheticism though I did not speak with her.  


Can you remember this from my Instagram account? Well this is Ezekiel’s perceptions. All I could say was hmm. This would be great on anyone’s wall, it could also be good on a roof.


Sejiro’s work was thought provoking and in no way simple. Its definitely not something you see everyday at an art gallery. It looked like hard work to me.

I can’t say I saved my favorite for last. It’s my favorite piece. You have to have been there to understand what I mean.

B) Installations

This was what the installation looked like.

What you’re looking at are small balls wrapped in a sort of ankara fabric which looked very similar to Marcellina’s work. Some hung from the ceiling like planets in different colours.

Generally, the exhibition was fun and I loved the works. The Curator sure had a lot of fun figuring out how to express the theme of this exhibition. Oh well looking forward to sharing more adventures in the art world using my waka ( moving around) spirit.

For more information about the artists and their works, follow this link right here


Have you attended an art exhibition before?

Did you attend Rele’s Young Contemporaries 2017?

What was your experience?

Do you also have impressions to share? Please do so at the comment section below

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Note: All the pictures were taken with my phone hence the picture quality.