Hello everyone, remember I talked about meeting a lady at the HerStory exhibition, remember the lady was Iyunola Sanyaolu? Well, through her, I met Laja, the student artist who has some great sketches (yes I saw the sketches right at the exhibition). So I decided to talk about his #ResonateArt story with you all.

Laja is a visual art student from the University of Lagos and he says he is influenced by Picasso, Marjane Satrapi and others.


My name is Olamidotun Oshilaja. Art for me is more than just passion. It’s this entity that enslaves me in its addiction. I started art through the medium most boys get attracted to, comic books.

I was a huge football fan when I was a kid until I went to a playground and saw this little boy drawing Lion King and Marvel characters.

It was love at first sight. To think these godlike characters were made by humans…

My art is influenced by a lot of great painters, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Picasso; illustrators, Marjane Satrapi, Keith Haring soo much so my art survives in between illustration and painting.

My African influences are Ibrahim El Salahi, Yusuf Grillo.

I like to think about my art as psychedelic. I use symbolic figures to pass across messages ranging from social and political messages to internal unexplainable ones.

I majorly characterize giving birth to a range of characters, trying to give a face to emotions and states I believe humans are yet to discover or name.

When a character is created, an individual entity is born, then I leave the viewer or audience to decode the traits that make these characters, maybe they may unlock these obscure feelings or even name them.


So tell me, are you familiar with Laja’s work?

Does his work inspire you too?

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