Do you believe you are pushing yourself too hard? On Tuesday April 18, 2017, I was upset at the environment I had found myself  in. I wasn’t hungry, frustrated and depressed, far from it, I was simply angry because I realized I was living in an environment not better than the slaves that crossed the Atlantic Ocean centuries ago.

I had read history in my secondary school ( called High school in America) and I remembered the problems slaves had were numerous. They were kidnapped, tortured, kept in dark rooms, humiliated, hungry and tired so I realized my environment was no better compared to the slaves.

alt="Abiola Bonuola-pushing yourself too hard"

It was beyond my positivity this time, it was beyond the way I treated people. It was more like the impacts of my little false thoughts and actions, my impressions on the world and so I became upset. I pushed my thoughts on social media; Facebook where a series on the hashtag #Youareaslave and #Youarenotaslave began.

This was all due to the belief that I was pushing myself too hard. I found that there was no way I could feel real as pinnochio wished in.

So I worked on it. I decided to be real to myself.

How do you know, you feel, you’re taking on too much, you’re pushing yourself too hard?

I will continue this chat tomorrow.

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