Last week, I talked about pushing yourself too hard and I said I worked on it. How did I do this? I read and read all sorts of stories online, in books, watched movies on TV screens and so on to try to understand how to refocus my grief for my environment into something positive. To this, I have come to the conclusion that all it takes is being real to yourself.

Its a struggle isn’t it. The special time you give yourself to focus on your inner thoughts and will. Most times you find you’re pushing yourself too hard, waking up early in the morning by 5am, if not earlier. Struggling through the day, working till late hours, beating the odds to complete a task before the deadline.

You probably won’t have dinner  and you go off to bed after a cold shower, don’t worry the mosquitoes would have super as you forgot to spray the house with insecticide on your way out in the morning. 

So I don’t continue this rant…

I would say that being real to yourself takes courage. To look within and declare that it’s you. You can make the difference you seek in your environment. Sometimes I feel that if one person could refocus their views about the problems in life on themselves, the world would be better.

Now, I have refocused myself to my persona. Who am I? What am I pushing out to the world? What have I learned so far? Am I a better person today? Self love is great, it gives you the strength to keep living but what is living really?

Is it not having an impact? The idea is to love, learn and live and the way I see it, it means doing something actively to make your environment better like cleaning the gutter, teaching a student, helping a friend and so on. Doing this is not something you force on your neighbor, it’s something you teach yourself. As a special support system once said, “when you leave all and focus on yourself, within, you find the real peace you seek and grow”.

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