It was a day to Pretty Soul’s birthday but Art lover had planned to attend the opening of this intriguing exhibition. Intriguing specially due to the title of the solo exhibition; And now we have entered Broken Earth” so Pretty Soul; Abosede Irivboje, Kind; Kemi Bonuola and Art lover; I, decided why not spend time together while visiting the exhibition. This was the first time Kind accompanied Art lover to an exhibition at a gallery. We got into the car after a delicious homemade lunch, visited the Rele Art Gallery, and found ourselves appreciating our Broken Earth.  

s we went into the gallery, I couldn’t help but feel I was leaving the physical bustling world into the artist’s own, hence the Broken Earth was revealed to us.

We delved into the art and I left my sister; Kind and friend; Pretty Soul appreciating Eloghosa Osunde’s work while I went from art to art writing down my impressions.

  Appreciating the Works
As stated by the gallery, the artist’s work tells stories of intimacy, family and close relationships, depression and spirituality.
1. Heartchitecture:
This work reminded me of the village life and the peaceful silence you get when you seat on the floor beside the clothes line watching it swish this way and that. I got the impression that more stories could be gotten from this. (Yeah we were standing in front of it.)
 2. The Head:
When I saw this, I remembered the phrase, uneasy is the head that wears the crown in any given situation.
 3. Anchor:
This, I believe is a powerful picture of the relationship between mother and daughter. To some daughters, mothers are anchors of strength and womanliness guiding one to self actualisation.
 4. Blend:
When I saw this, I was curious to what Osunde was trying to say. Now while reflecting on it, I feel it’s a representation of the cultural relationship between a man and his child (more likely a son) blending into the society they have found themselves in.
 5. Hang
This beautiful work could mean so many things at the same time. It could say two people hiding from captors or it could mean children playing under a sweet mango tree.
I’m not sure I have one. I love them all equally. The Head got Pretty Soul’s attention. She said it reminded her of her father.
The exhibition’s installation was the sound of a drum being beaten by a fellow clad in black. It enhanced the setting of the works to be not just African but Rural-African, if there is such a word. I shared a video of the installation on Instagram.
Pretty Soul who is not a visual art person relayed her impressions. She said it seemed as if they told stories. Kind was pleased with the exhibition and an equally kind professional photographer took a picture of us three. (Featured Image). The exhibition like every other one I have attended was very enlightening. It seemed to speak volumes on history in each work.
Have you been to any of Rele’s Art exhibitions?
What are your impressions of this exhibition?

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  1. Beautiful piece of work.
    I like the “hang”, it reminds me of my beautiful childhood when I used climb trees, pluck fruits and do ” jangolova”.

  2. Nice art works. I love hang the most because just part of the bodies were painted, yet I get connected to my children playing immediately. Truly artistic