Strolling down the street, I was pleasantly thoughtful, anticipating Adeola Balogun’s work themed, the Bubbles of Emotion. I walked down Ikoyi Crescent, ooohhhed and awwwwed at the dulled peacocks; searching for food on a lawn on the high brow street while I also enjoyed the cool weather. I asked for directions here and there and got to the gallery which also serves as the Ben Enwonwu Foundation. I got myself registered and walked into the Bubbles of Emotion which as intended by the artist taught me to heed my emotions.









I moved around the room, unfamiliar with the terrain; as you know, I’m used to visiting the Rele Art Gallery instead. I talked about my last visit here. I loved Adeola’s (Can I call him that?) work. It was too unique to ignore. I must say though Omenka Gallery did well with publicity. I was hooked from the first ad on Instagram












These are my impressions;

1. Waves of emotion:

In this beautiful piece, I saw pain, anger, indifference and then I saw the rising sun, the bright ray of light and a good morning.


2. Likes attract like:

You know the cliché, “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are?” Well I felt the small ball and the big round ball meant that though they looked different they were very much alike.

3. Tortuous Path:

This piece is not as scary as it sounds. It seems the artist tried to refer to either the tortuous path to be taken to a better life, you know, the road not easily taken kind of thing. The lamp probably means there is light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing. Quite interesting.

4. Eclipse:

When I was younger, we were told to look at an eclipse through a mirror whenever there was one however I rebelliously refused to do so because I did not believe it was as dangerous as everyone said. I found this new eclipse and it’s as though the mirror is really the eclipse, sharing the different sides of the sun and moon.

5. We dey manage am:

How easily we continue to manage our environment was what this piece said to me. Imagining patching up the society without thinking of it foundation. This is powerful.

On thankfulness, the artists talked about being grateful for the little we have despite our environment. These are some of the pieces on thankfulness.

I’m not sure you can read that but it’s a bio of the artist and this exhibition. You can find more on it here.

On emotions and logic, the artist said the world is gradually moving to surviving on emotions rather than logic. We act first based on emotions that thinking about the reasons for and after our actions. On a scale of one to ten, people use their emotions on a seven than their logic (Do not quote this statistics) and on this, I agree with the artist.

Thanks for reading. It’s definitely been a while. As soon as I get myself together, things will be different. I’ve missed doing this…Do you like the new logo?

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