Beautiful Thoughtz is an art community blog. We inspire and encourage Creatives in Nigeria whom we call new art makers through social experience sharing, trainings and educative discussions.

It started as an inspiration blog for artists through the campaign #ResonateArt. Today, it has grown to be a community blog for Creatives where we talk about art, learn art, review art and find art in Nigeria.

We achieve this through two major social campaigns #ResonateArt and #CreatingArt. We also have a category; This is what Art looks like which focuses on art works, exhibitions, galleries, art life, art market and so on.

Community members share their personal thoughts on art life, living in art, art development and so on.
I personally share a little about myself, my life as a Creative and some art works I made to be sold.
At beautiful thoughtz, we wish to help you explore and build your vision for your new art whether its poetry, writing, music, visual arts, photography, fashion designing, bead making and so on. We are committed to your success and will go the extra length to achieve it.

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Abiola Bonuola

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