Creating Art series

Asking friends and family to write about what they love doing can be a bit interesting. I get replies like, “I don’t know how to write”, “Writing is hard”, “I don’t know how to write about myself”, “What do I say“. These replies gave me an idea which I am sharing with you right now. I thought how about giving tips on art, that should be fun. I am sure there’s someone out there who’s probably itching to know how to do the art he’s interested in. So here I am talking about Creating Art.

#CreatingArt is a how-to series that gives you all you need to know about whatever art you’re interested in. Personally, I will be talking about writing. Mabel Olagesin’s MUA 101 on make-up has been added to the series, and if you’re interested in giving tips on whatever art you do, you can send a submission via email to


Here are some of the popular #CreatingArt posts;

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