Yaay thank you for visiting this advertise with Beautiful Thoughtz page. I look forward to working with you. I am open to blog collaborations, sponsorship and advertising with curators, artists, brands and business owners who fit in comfortably with the art style of this blog.

  1. Are you a new blogger? So am I;

We can work together through blog collaborations which means I scratch your back and you scratch mine.

2. Submissions

This is my favorite part. Who better to write about art than you, the Creative, the art lover and collector.

I will upload any submissions that is related to the art style of this blog. I reserve the right to edit and sometimes change the title of submissions sent to or The submissions could have been published elsewhere. See here for full criteria of submissions.

3. Sponsored Posts:

I am willing to talk about your brand, business, gallery and art on the blog or via social media. All you need do is contact me. All sponsored posts could be written by me or by You( but subject to changes by me).

I accept art to be reviewed and featured on my blog but i will only write about products that i like, fit my art style and I would happily recommend to my art collectors.

5. Giveaways
This is usually fun! I will feature your art piece, product or service in a giveaway for my art community. Please feel free to send me an email for more information.

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