This is what art looks like

I love this particular category because I get to move around, travel and enjoy art in different facets. It is called This is what art looks like.

This is the part where I become a kind of journalist and attend art events, galleries, artists, markets, exhibitions and so on and tell you all about it. Sometimes, I may talk about a pressing issue in the art world such as the fact that we do not have a good National Museum in Lagos…. I talked about that here or I could talk about an artist who’s work has made some impressions on me.

I usually do not go to these exhibitions alone. I attend with friends or family.

I also get guest posts on exhibitions that were held so if you attended an exhibition or went to a market of any art and I mean all art not just visual arts, you can send in your submissions via the submissions page.

These are some of my “This is what Art looks like” posts;

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Abiola Bonuola